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End of the Summer Party

  • October 31, 2013
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All Circle 3 bag tag holders are invited to come out and play.

Thomas Eskew will be at the pavilion near hole 1 at 12:00 signing players up for the round. Once you are signed up please hang around for a quick meeting about the round and also so you can get your map that has the hole layout.

We are going to try some different things for the round. As long as we have enough players I would like to do A/B/C pool and ladies pool. also each pool will have their only ACE pot and CTP hole and pot and we are going to add and few things to the CTP holes.


Cost will be like all Circle 3 leagues $5 for the round $1 for ACE and CPT both ACE and CTP are optional. If no ACE is had then we will threw off for the ACE pot. This will also be 100% payout which means we are not keeping a $1 out of the $5 for the round.


Spread the word and invite all your friends that have a Circle 3 bag tag.

Just to give y’all a hit at what the course will be like there are 6 holes that are par 4’s and 8 holes that are under 400 feet. We will be playing a 19 hole layout.


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