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Winter League

  • November 11, 2012
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The first winter league round will be November 24 at Noon. We will be playing A/B Singles to kick of the first round.

Let me know if you want to play valentine or lattimer lakes (in MS.)  

I'm going to post a thread on facebook letting everyone know that they need to post on here where they want to play.

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Due to tournaments this Saturday and next Saturday there will not be any winter league rounds. With that being said Saturday March 9th is going to be the last Winter League Round. We the Board wolud liek to call a club meeting for all members and furture members we want your input and need your help to make this club successful. We will also be selling 2013 bagtags that Saturday.
All of this will... happen at Johnson Road Park.
Since nobody has hit an ACE this Winter we are going to take some of that money an have 5 CTP's worth $10 in cash money. The rest of the money will roll over to the summer league ACE pot. Please speard the word at the next two tournaments. We are very excited about this season of disc golf and hope you are as well.
********Sechuled of events for Saturday March 9th*********
The club meeting will start around noon.

BagTags will be sold after the meeting and after the round or at the league rounds.

Winter League Round will start aprox. 30 mintues after the meeting.

Winter league will be joining STC this saturday at 1pm. Come out and play I'm not sure if it will be singles or doubles. The round will be $7.00

Winter league will be at Johnson Road Park saturday at noon. This will be $5 A/B singles with the normal $1 ctp and $1 ace pot.  Robby will be running the show this weekend.

We will be at Central Park this Saturday Jan. 19th but I'm moving the tee time up to 11am.

I would like to play doubles since it has been awhile since we have done that. Let me know if you are down with that?

League will be at Shelby Forest this saturday tee off at 12 (noon). Rain or Shine we will play. normal $5 and $1 CTP and $1 ACE pot. Also I still have some left over Rampages, Cannons and Ghost from Frozen Chains tournament. The drivers sell for $16 and Ghost sell for $18  

I will be out of town this weekend but Jon Ray is going to run winter league again this weekend and they will be at Arkabutla at 11am. this will be A/B singles $5 entry with an optional CTP bag tags are not needed unless you want to play some on your card for there tag. Jon Ray also wanted to let everyone know that if you have order a disc from him he will bring saturday and if you want to get a disc from him to contact him and he can bring some disc but he's not going to bring he's entire stock like he would for a tournament.

Winter League will be at Orgill Park this saturday 12/22/2012 we will be playing doubles.

I have added a new tab at the top of the circle 3 page that is "SCORES" if you want to see the winter league score look there.

If you have a chainsaw, polesaw, loopers, and leafblower please bring them to calavry saturday morning.

Yes Rich.  Calvary.  Work day starting around 8.

They will be cooking lunch, $5, hit dog +hamburger+

chips n a drink.  All proceeds go to more baskets.


League round. Starts about 12.  Playing some additional holes and tees.

Hey is there winter league this saturday? If so where?

Much fun, thanks.Thomas and Circle 3 disc golfers

First winter league round had 14 players. We played doubles at Latimer Lake.



Tray D. and Joey A.     50 -10

Chad and Charile         52  -8

Erine and Caleb           53  -7 won throw off for third place

Randy and Chris D.      53  -7

Josh M. and Thomas E. 53  -7

Tyler McD. and Jason    54  -6

Jake Stoner and John    57  -3


ok so is there anything happening at orgill today( saturday)

Can't wait to see you guys in my neck of the woods for a change

For those of you not going to pass the stuffing. I will be at Latimer Lakes at noon this saturday november 24th. If enough people show up we will do doubles if not then it will be singles.
You can also preregister for frozen chains tournament which will be the following saturday.

I say Latimer im pretty sure they play sundays at 1

Derek Baker 901-591-5026

I thought they played doubles on sunday at 2pm? Who do i need to contact to make sure I don't step on any toes?

and i am planning on going to Pass the Stuffing

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