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  • July 01, 2012
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We now have our own unique web design.  The previous iteration was the default look from CommunityEngine, which was based on the Yahoo UI -- It was fine, but just not unique or disc-golfy.

One of the coolest parts of the design, is that it changes color schemes throughout the day.  There is a dawn, day, dusk, and night color scheme that rotates throughout the day.

It is disc-golfy too, it's got a disc golfer (Nikko inspired) and a basket.  However, I'm not a great artist, so I made some silhouettes instead of trying to create intricately detailed subjects for the masthead.

I had fun designing it, and hope you enjoy it as well.  I'm not a web designer (more of a developer) by trade, so don't give me too hard a time on it.

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First class job.


you are doing a great job!! keep up the good work

I love it.  

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