Shelby Farms Basket Layout

Does anyone know who has the keys to the baskets at Shelby Farms?    
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Shelby Farms #1 is in play!

Thank you Disk Golf Store at Shelby Farms for replacing the missing basket at hole # 1.   Thank you Conservancy for putting the basket in place back on the course. All players should be aware that Mike at the disk Golf Store funded the placement, and that it would be appropriate to make contributions to help cover the costs. I am still not sure of the level of committment to the course by the conservancy,...
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Shelby Farms

The person(s) responsible for removing the basket at Hole 1 needs to return it ASAP! As a group, Memphis disk golfers have really let down the community by not keeping on task to make Shelby Farms a much better course. Lack of basket maintenance, grounds keeping, and excessive littering all contribute to lowering the level of play at this course. There is absolutely no excuse for littering! I challenge Circle3 to excert pressure to the...
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