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Comments - Team Cup is Official!

Why are the results of this great event not posted here?

WOW - this is EXCITING!!!!

I am extremely pleased to announce that DGA, the company vounded by the "father" of our sport, Steady Ed Headrick, is the first major sponsor to climb on board. 

The Team Cup Challenge to benefit St Jude--presented by DGA!!

Very excited.  Sign up now, and contact me to see how you can help.


If any of you are artists, or know any artists, I would greatly appreciate any pieces of art for the auction.  As well, any local businesses that you may be able to contact about donating goods or services would be much appreciated as well.  Any questions, feel free to contact me; (901) 412-7124


Randy Drescher

Fantastic! Can't wait! I can help if needed ;)

The tournament will be in the Memphis area, James.  Exact course locations will be determined fairly soon.

That's great news... Nice work!

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