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About Us

Circle 3 Disc Golf is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the sport of disc golf and fostering a sense of community for disc golfers in Shelby County Tennessee, the surrounding areas, and everywhere disc golf stewardship is needed.

Circle 3 Disc Golf endeavors to promote Disc Golf as an environmentally friendly, family oriented, and socially beneficial sport that helps enable lifelong fitness and can coexist amicably with other recreations in urban areas and parks. We will strive to foster good relations with disc golfers, the surrounding communities, and with other recreational park and course users alike. We pledge to be good ambassadors of the sport and to preserve as courteous and friendly an atmosphere as possible.

Circle 3 Disc Golf's primary goals include:

  1. To maintain, install, and improve current and additional permanent disc golf courses in Shelby County Tennessee and surrounding areas,
  2. to promote and support local tournaments for the club members, charity, and others including handicap, doubles and/or match play leagues,
  3. to provide a fun atmosphere for all Disc Golfers, and
  4. to provide quality equipment at a reasonable cost to our members.

Preliminary Benefits Pledged by the club include:

  • Maintain the disc golf courses in the area - replacing baskets/ course signs/ general upkeep
  • Organize Weekly handicap leagues starting at Orgil and Shelby Farms (maybe others?)
  • Compile and maintain a system for players to track their handicap
  • Provide handicap and raw score historical records for all members
  • Provide other score tabulating and compiling for records and tracking--- any reported round needs at least 3 club players reported on a completed score card with course and placements played listed
  • Organize Monthly bag tag rounds – Saturdays/ Rotating different courses / No handicaps
  • Organize Monthly clinics to be run the day of the monthly bag tag rounds
  • Organize tournaments throughout the year
  • Provide a website – Event listings/ discussion forums
  • Provide a Lost and Found to be available to members during events and as needed
  • Provide a PDGA affiliate club (gets members discounts on PDGA membership renewals and merchandise at participating sites!)