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Picture?type=square joshwlewis 36 Posts

This site is currently under development.  If you have any suggestions for future functionality, feel free to post a reply to this thread.

Web development is my day job, so I will be working on this site as I have time (and motivation).

Future plans for this site:

  • Updated design
  • League Scores/Handicap tracking

For those interested, this site is running on completely on open source software.  The technology stack looks like this:

This site is currently hosted on a server with extra space that my company owns, so special thanks to:

Picture?type=square joshwlewis 36 Posts

One additional feature I am considering:

Google AdSense -- We could have google ads on this site to generate some supplemental income for the club.

Trixie RobbyUhrman 18 Posts


Thank you so much for getting this started and I hope this will be the hub for all of us to share ideas and grow this club (see how I rhymed there...)

I don't have one or two specific suggestions, but I'll say this.  There is one forum that I spend way too many hours of my life on and I think they really got everything right.

Check it out for ideas:


Multiple forums within their Forum page (not that we would ever need that many), but the layout is classy and it is very user-friendly.

Thanks again,


Picture?type=square joshwlewis 36 Posts

Haha... I know that site well... too well probably!

Yes, it is pretty well put together... one thing has bugged me about it though -- they have a seperate login for course tracking/reviews and for the forums.  That shouldn't be a problem here =).

Picture?type=square joshwlewis 36 Posts

I'm aware of a couple of areas of text being hidden by the new color scheme.  I'll work on this tonight.

If you spot anything unusual or not working -- please feel free to leave a bug report here.

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