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Copper Hills Classic - September 15-16, 2012

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Trixie RobbyUhrman 18 Posts

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Trixie RobbyUhrman 18 Posts

We are looking for hole sponsors in order to raise some added cash for the event. 

There are 38 holes and we already have sponsors for 4 of them.  That's $100 in added cash.  Thanks for Todd Bagwell and Marc Flanders for stepping up so early. 

Each hole will be $25 for a sponsor sign.  Let's cover up the courses and make the Circle 3 PDGA debut LEGIT!!!

20120605_081221 ERodDawg 63 Posts

...down to 33...I'll sponsor a hole:-)

Trixie RobbyUhrman 18 Posts

Fantastic! With Ernie, we have 13 holes sponsored:

Ernie (1) Todd Bagger (1) Me (1) Marc Flanders & Shifted Image (2) Riley Chambers (4) Jon Ray and Tyler McDaniel (4)

That's 13 holes baby.  Who's next? 25 holes left!

Trixie RobbyUhrman 18 Posts

The first 50 Ams to sign up for this event will receive a Circle 3 logo stamped Gateway Magic or Wizard and a mini as a player pack.

Who's coming???


Miniml miniml 2 Posts

Sign me up as an Am, if by Am you mean intermediate ;)

20120605_081221 ERodDawg 63 Posts

The putters with the Circle 3 stamp look FRESH!!!   18 people pre-registered so far on the PDGA site.  Courses are in Great shape, Final pin placements are in.  Doing final preparations for our inaugural C3 tourney...gonna be at Orgill tomorrow painting OB Lines.  I am taking it easy on you this time at Orgill, so you'd better take advantage of the multiple birdie opportunities.  See you Saturday Morning!

20120605_081221 ERodDawg 63 Posts

Had a Good(only "Good" because I would've rather been playing) time helping Robbie run this tournament.  Hope you players enjoyed it.  If you have any comments, questions, concerns, things that could've been done differently...we want some feedback on what we can do better...let us know here please.  Just keep it clean and respectful please.  Thanks to all the 59 players for participating, and to the 28(or 29) PDGA memberships that were purchased!  We were thinking that we might be able to sell 10-12 guys blew that out of the water!!  

Image%20(9) Barker_H 4 Posts

Although I did not get to play, I can't express enough how wonderful this tournament was. I was only able to catch the first round as a caddy, but I enjoyed seeing how organized it was and how issues were taken care of in a professional manner. Thanks Robby and Ernie! Ya'll did great!!

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