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Winter League

The first winter league round will be November 24 at Noon. We will be playing A/B Singles to kick of the first round. Let me know if you want to play valentine or lattimer lakes (in MS.)   I'm going to post a thread on facebook letting everyone know that they need to post on here where they want to play.
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2012 Copper Hills Classic

Circle 3 Disc Golf is pleased to announce it's first tournament:  8th Annual Copper Hills Classic PDGA Sanctioned C-Tier Event Saturday, September 15, 2012 8am to 9am -- Player Registration 9:30 am -- Player's Meeting ~10am -- Round 1 @ Johnson Road Park TBA -- Round 2 @ Johnson Road Park Sunday, September 16, 2012 TBA -- Round 3 @ Edmund Orgill The first 45 amateurs to register will recieve a sweet Gateway players pack...
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Frozen Chains presented by Circle 3!

1 Day Tournament - 2 RoundsDecember 1st, 2012TD: Joseph Seboldt and Thomas EskewPDGA Sanctioned C Tier and will be an NPC Qualifier!Edmund Orgil Disc Golf Course, Millington, TNEntry Fees:Pro Divisions: $50Adv. Divisions: $40Am Divisions: $30Note: There will be an extra $10 charge for anyone who is not a current PDGA member.All amateur players will receive a player's pack at sign up.100%+ Payout to Pro Divisions100%+ Pick your own payout to Amateur Divisions (Thanks to Grass...
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Shelby Farms #1 is in play!

Thank you Disk Golf Store at Shelby Farms for replacing the missing basket at hole # 1.   Thank you Conservancy for putting the basket in place back on the course. All players should be aware that Mike at the disk Golf Store funded the placement, and that it would be appropriate to make contributions to help cover the costs. I am still not sure of the level of committment to the course by the conservancy,...
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End of Year Party!

The end of year party for the handicap leagues will take place this weekend.  Saturday Nov. 10 at Edmund Orgil!  The round will get started at Noon, and will be an A/B Singles round.     More information about the Winter Leagues will be provided at the event, and if you cannot make it I will post the info on this site.  If you have any questions, ask away.
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Team Cup is Official!

It's official.  Thanks to the help of Jeff Karl and the folks at PDGA, The Team Cup Challenge to benefit St. Jude is now a sanctioned PDGA event!!  The two singles rounds on Sat. Sep. 29th will be points rounds for PDGA members. That's really big news for us.
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New Layout at New Park

This Saturday our league round is going to be at a park that we as a club have been given the opportunity to help develop a disc golf course. We have 1 portable basket we need 10 more portable baskets so we can play the open area of the park. If you can bring one, please let us know by commenting that you will be coming with a basket. The location is at Eastwood park/Bicentennial...
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Shelby Farms

The person(s) responsible for removing the basket at Hole 1 needs to return it ASAP! As a group, Memphis disk golfers have really let down the community by not keeping on task to make Shelby Farms a much better course. Lack of basket maintenance, grounds keeping, and excessive littering all contribute to lowering the level of play at this course. There is absolutely no excuse for littering! I challenge Circle3 to excert pressure to the...
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Orgill Basket stolen

Looks like someone needed basket number 20 REALLY BAD.  Stole the concrete and everything.  Guess we are down to 19 holes now:-( 
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Danish Disc Golfer in Memphis

Hi! My name is Johan Berg. I am a 24 year old danish disc golfer. I am going to Memphis in august to visit my uncle, and I really want to play a lot of disc golf while I am there! I have been looking at the different courses available nearby, but I find no course maps or pictures. So I was hoping you would help me by recommending which courses to play and if...
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2012-2013 SN bag tag incentives

Would anyone like to win a disc, paid entry fee to a Championship, or a portable basket?  These are the incentives to buy a SN Bag Tag this year.  Also, even if you do not win any of the prizes, you still get a $5 discount on your registration fee for the championships.  They are selling for $20 on the SN General Discussion Forum link.  Is anyone planning on going to the SNAC in Tupelo for the 2013 SNAC...
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Frozen Chains Update

New info about the tournament is available on the forums under the tournaments/events section. If you have any questions please contact me via call or text at (901) 409-8688 or email me at and I will answer as soon as possible!   Let's have a great tournament!
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Calavry 12/15/2012

I want to thank everybody that came out and helped saturaday. We had 21 players 11 A players and 10 B players A Players                                           B Players 1. Jon Ray   49  $30.00                  1. Ryan H.  54  $25.00 2. Mason B.  53 $12.50                  2. Jake T.  56  $15.00  2. Ernie R. 53 $12.50                     3. Ben O.   57  $10.00  4. Rich M. 54                                 4. Joey H.   59 4. Tray D. 54                                 4.  Mike H.  59 6. Robby U. 55                              6. Caleb B.  60...
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Handicap Leagues Ended

As of 10/17 we are stopping the Tuesday and Thursday Handicap leagues for the year.  We will be releasing info soon on Winter Leagues and the End of the Year event.   Thanks for a great year.  If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns please let us know.  We are always looking for feedback and want to make the players as happy as possible! 
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  It is time to elect the officers for the Circle 3 Disc Golf Club.       We will be accepting nominations for the 6 officer positions (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Tournament Liaison, and Sgt. at Arms) until Monday July 30th.       Nominations can be posted in the forum section of the website. Only current Circle 3 members are eligible for election.       Voting will start July 31st and...
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